Priya Das


About Me

I have created this website in order to impart self-care blogs. I do not hold any self-care coaching certificates. Thereafter, everything I post are things that I have faced in my daily life. Every post on healing is what I have inculcated from everyday battles of life. This website is made with my view of connecting with readers as a friend. I have tried to write my each blog in an informal manner as a friend would have. This has made it easy for me to communicate my simple messages out in this big world. I will also be imparting few steps of legal awareness information as I am a lawyer by profession. This blog is for anyone who is feeling a bit concerned with virtual world. As well as for anyone trying to feel happy in a gloomy day.

Note: I am a lawyer. However, this is not a legal website. It is a website where I provide information that I find are relevant. Kindly, note that I do not provide any legal services through this website. Any information found on this website is not be considered as legal advice but as meagre information. All the articles on this website are subject to copyright law. Any reproduction of the articles in any medium will be subject to copyright laws. The reproduction of the articles with credit through citation of this source is happily appreciated.