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Getting Started in Blogging

Honestly getting started on something is hard. The human brain starts calculating a number of reasons why we shouldn’t. If we are capable of sustaining with it or not. Is this thing even going to make me any sort of money? Am I just wasting my time? The questions are in a loop. You keep thinking and thinking. At last, we feel that this whole idea is so absurd because we kept thinking.

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I am going to be a bit harsh and state bluntly that “JUST GET STARTED”. I am not saying that you will become a millionaire overnight. I am saying what is worse than this? The worse is when years later you get up one day and regret that why didn’t you start working towards your passion. You will regret every time you think about how it would have been if you had the courage to begin. Yes, you might fail if you s##k. SO WHAT? The aeroplane was not built in a single day. Even if you fail you will know that you tried. That you actually went ahead with your passion.

This is going to be a rough path. You will make mistakes, yes you will. That is why we are human’s right? What helps when you get started is the mind-set.

  • Not Giving a flying f##k to the naysayers is really crucial.
  • Consistency is the key even when things get hard.
  • It’s not going to happen overnight.
  • Having a strategic plan to move ahead.
  • Having a bigger goal and small goals equally.
  • When you complete the small goals make sure to treat yourself with a pat.
  • Whatever, you do matters. Yes let me say that again “WHATEVER YOU DO MATTERS”