Overcoming Procrastination

Procastination is one of the major problems faced by individuals in daily life. This causes a person to think and then to overthinking until it’s too late. The major casues of procastination are :

#Lack of interest in the work provided.

#having a mental blockage.

#feeling that the work is extremely difficult.


Firstly, you can beat around the same topic trying to come up with excuses that will seldom work. Secondly, Procrastination is more about understanding what you truly want than the thing itself. Such as when you get ready for a dinner date that you took the entire night to think about. Initially wake up early to go shopping. Following which you try several dresses because you eagerly wish to make an impression. As a result, we can say that it’s exactly this thing which is missing. Finally, you end up procrastinating. This shows that we do not ask for that thing badly enough. To make it more clear let’s assume that you want to do an assignment but you also want to watch a rom-com. As a result of avoiding the work, the movie takes a better chance of winning this season of Procrastination.


Therefore, the easy way of ending Procrastination is to trick your mind into doing that work for a little while. Such as every time you think “I will do it tomorrow”. In order to bring a change take a pause at this moment. Thereafter, open your laptop or whatever it is that your Procrastinating about and do it. You may only do that for a little while. By following these steps you will make your mind believe that yes I did something compared to nothing. As a result of this most of us realise “oh wait it wasn’t that difficult as I had imagined it to be”.

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Most importantly we imagine things to be a big hungry lion. In conclusion, it turns out to be a small kitten. In the final stage, after overcoming the starting phase comfort is provided to your mind. This phase is called the realisation stage. Alas! You realise that little work is better than no work. Thus, now you can analyse whether or not that work is your cup of tea. At this stage, your judgement is more clear and stable.

Priya Das
Priya Das