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What should I do in life

I have often wondered what keeps us interested. I am talking in respect of anything it could be a love interest or even a job. Why do some people find contentment in what they do while other’s don’t? After pondering over this question for a couple of months I have finally concluded. The books, videos, movies and even inspirational stories. The answers seem to be the same. Do that one thing that you keep doing even when other’s get annoyed. Somehow you can’t stop but thinking about it and you talk about it over and over again. You like talking about it even when other’s are not showing interest. You can keep doing that thing for hours. It’s like having a button inside your brain that says well this is fun. You never get tired of it. It could be talking about a dream.

Remember how we could promptly say when we were young that I want to be a doctor, a pilot or even a trainer. What you love doing may not seem profitable to other’s around you at first. Still, if you think you are good at it go for it. My father always says “if you want to wash dishes do that perfectly”. That is the trick. Everyone who ever became famous did what they thought they were good at. That way even if they failed they still kept moving forward. That hurdle did not keep them from moving forward. It’s simple if you do what you love you start feeling it’s more connected to you. Exactly like how we felt when we did things that our parents asked us not to. This is exactly the way you are supposed to feel. That even if you choose to do that for 10 years from now you would still enjoy it. Analyse and move forward. Do not forget that “love whatever you do”.

What To Do with your life

“Love whatever you do”