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Being Thankful In 2020

The world of 2020 is challenging. We have opportunities more than our great grandparents. Yet somehow we fall behind. The reason being most of the job opportunities are virtual. We study for years getting degree’s one after the other. What the colleges fail to teach us is that about new job opportunities. The most growing opportunity being right in front of you. It is the internet and its uses. Yes, you heard it right you can do this too. We have the Internet and it connects millions of people with one click. Business is all about connecting to different clients. What else can be faster than the Internet?
# If you love cooking then you don’t have to go about searching for a cookbook. All you need is a camera. The camera in every smartphone these days are sufficient for the same.
# Don’t know how to edit learn that online.
# Make any video on the content of your interest.
# If you a home-maker learn copy-pasting.
# Content writing is another good option.
# Start an online business by selling products you make.
# Re-selling of products is another option. Do check the websites for legitimacy though.
# Learn a skill like coding. Youtube provides many free coding videos for beginners.
The way the globalisation has increased all you need is¬†curiosity and persistence. I don’t care where you stay be it India, New Zealand or even Antarctica. We have one connection and that is the Internet. Use it to its full potential. We are 100 years ahead because of this invention. News took years to travel across the globe. Yet now we get the news in a section. We know who in which part of the world is suffering. We as a human being can contribute a small token of gratitude for this opportunity.
Work smart. Work fast. Work diligently. Work with passion.